6 Ways to Use T-Shirts to Promote your Small Business 6 Ways to Use T-Shirts to Promote your Small Business
By Elizabeth     /     Posted Wednesday, June 6, 2018

6 Ways to Use T-Shirts to Promote your Small Business

When it comes to enhancing brand recognition, promotional products make a big impact. As one of the most cost-effective branded products, promotional t-shirts offer a bang for a company's investment dollar! Here are some of the best ways to make them work for your business:

1) Social media giveaways

 This is a great way to promote engagement, while enhancing your social media marketing campaign. Host a t shirt giveaway on multiple channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Ask people to comment, like and share your message for an opportunity to win your custom logo T-shirt.

2) Survey incentives

 Modern customers aren't very enthusiastic about filling out online surveys. Sweeten the deal by offering a company t-shirt with a cool or quirky saying. You can give one away to every person who completes a survey, or you could offer a drawing for survey participants with a classy customized polo shirt as the prize.

3) Bonus gifts

 Include a branded t-shirt or polo shirt with high-end products. People love freebies, and they may be more likely to buy an item if you sweeten the deal.

4) Hold a drawing

 Having trouble collecting addresses for your email marketing campaign? Inspire better engagement by holding a drawing. As an eligibility requirement, ask potential customers to submit their names and email addresses. This can lead to better long-term engagement that could result in more profitable leads.

5) Visit trade shows

 Trade shows provide multiple ways for you to leverage promotional tees. First, unless the event has a strict dress code policy, make sure you and your staff wears your branded t-shirts. Second, consider giving away promotional tees by themselves or as part of a gift bag. Be sure to include your website address on the t-shirts, especially if your business transacts via a web platform.

6) Sponsor an event

 When they sponsor events, companies often receive positive press about their philanthropic efforts. These gatherings also provide a great opportunity to hand out promotional tees to participants and guests. Whether it's a 5K run, a little league baseball tournament or a local charity event, these gatherings are great for engaging with potential customers and the community at large.


Things to Consider


While branded t-shirts offer proven promotional appeal, not all providers offer the same level of quality. To pique consumer interest, it's a good idea to develop unique, eye-catching tees that don't look too generic. With innovative printing capabilities, Triple Crown is ideally equipped to help you create custom t-shirts for every angle or occasion. Enhanced by photo-quality, end-to-end graphics, your tees are guaranteed to inspire interest, whatever the setting.



Looking to promote your small business through custom t-shirts? Browse our t-shirt collection today!








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