In today’s fast changing business climate, the rush to offer the best online experience continues to grow. While we believe online services are important, we also believe expert advice and help by people that know your business is critical when ordering custom logo apparel and promotional products.

For example, some companies offer online art designers allowing users to create logos and artwork that can then be printed or embroidered on apparel and promotional products. While these tools can be a quick way to come up with a simple generic design, we know that there is no replacement for a professional graphic designer and software who can turn any idea into a unique brand image. That is why we have and will continue to focus on increasing our graphic design team and capabilities.

Also, online shopping tools are a convenient way to sort through nearly unlimited amounts of products and we feel ours is one of the best. But online tools do not know about the unique needs of each organization, company or group which is critical when ordering a variety of branded products. Different products have unique logo and branding abilities and limitations and some products work better with others. For this reason each of our customers are given a dedicated representative to help meet very specific needs and to make it easy to replenish and find compatible products over time.

Last but not least is the problem of an unlimited amount of companies that specialize in a specific product category or service. This works fine for blank retail products but leaves much to be desired when it comes to ordering branded products with a custom logo. Not only is it a hassle to set-up logos with multiple companies, but every corporate apparel and promotional products company has different quality standards and logo color pallets which can make it nearly impossible to create a cohesive and quality branded appearance. This is why we offer such a wide range of products and logo options to our customers in order to meet every branding need possible. Our graphic design team examine and match logo colors across different imprint methods such as screen printing and embroidery to ensure that logo colors have a cohesive look across various products.

In summary, we believe that modern organizations need the power of online tools with the added convenience of personal and professional customer service to provide the best branding experience. Triple Crown Products will continue to focus on giving our customers the best off all worlds in this regard.


This past fall we were excited to announce our new line of CROWN Contractor Jackets. Three of these jackets have a rugged duck shell which makes them great work jackets. Our goal was to create jackets that were more comfortable, had more features, were less expensive and just as durable as other popular work jackets we offer from great brands such as Carhartt, Dri-Duck and more.

First off, our customer’s love how rugged and durable jackets are with a duck shell. But normally the downside of duck is how rigid and uncomfortable it can be until it’s worn in and soft. To solve this we put our duck through a pre finishing process to soften the duck before sewing the jackets together. The end result is a work jacket that is rugged and comfortable from the very start.

Next we set out to add features that make working in our jackets easier than ever. To do this we added many extra inside and outside pockets with and without zippers so that more tools and work essentials can be carried. We also added extra pleats to give a better range of motion.

Finally because we manufacture and sell these jackets, we are able to offer them at factory direct pricing which is a significant savings! And if those savings were not enough, we offer free custom embroidered logos on orders of twelve or more.

We are happy to report raving reviews from our customers so far!