Production Spoilage
We do our best to keep spoilage to a minimum but sometimes garments are spoiled due to equipment malfunction or human error. Unfortunately some logo production types are mass produced which make it too costly to replace small numbers of spoiled items. While we incur the spoiled garment cost, it is important to order extras on any color/size where spoilage could leave specific people without a garment. Below is a list of our production types along with our spoilage terms and conditions.
Garment Embroidery & Direct To Garment: All items spoiled during embroidery & DTG will be added to a backorder to be ran and shipped at a later date.
Garment Screen Print & Hat Embroidery: We allow a 1% spoilage per logo position for orders over 1000 pieces, 2% for all orders over 144 pieces, and 5% for orders less than 144 pieces with a minimum of 1 piece.