Flame-resistant and fire-resistant clothing are intended for employees who work in areas where flames or thermal exposure present a safety hazard. Flame-resistant or FR apparel is made from materials that do not ignite easily and are designed to self-extinguish should the clothing catch fire. FR apparel is often used by electricians to protect against electrical arc damage. Flame resistant clothing also protects against flash fires and fires caused by combustible dust. 

Flame-resistant or fire-retardant clothing?
When considering FR apparel, remember there is a difference between flame-resistant and fire-retardant clothing. Flame-resistant or fire-resistant clothing is made from materials that naturally resist ignition and either self-extinguish or burn very slowly. Fire-retardant clothing is made for chemically treated materials to give the garment flame-resistant properties. 

Flame-resistant clothing is often worn by electricians, chemical workers, oil and gas employees, pharmaceutical workers, and employees of the paper and pulp industry. Operators of electrical equipment capable of causing explosive arc flashes should also wear FR apparel. Used correctly, flame-resistant apparel reduces the risk of severe burns and saves lives. 

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